A1/GX Service Instructions

A1/GX: Rear Leg Replacement

The rear leg of the A1/GX WaterRower helps to support the monorail. To order this part, visit our website: WRPK1500 – GX/A1 Rear Leg Assembly

Step 1:  Stand the WaterRower up and unclip the Bungee cord from the Recoil Belt.

Step 2:  Using the 5mm Allen Key, undo the 2 back Rear Leg bolts.


Step 3:  Replace the Rear Leg.

Step 4:  Using the 5mm Allen Key, retighten the 2 back Rear Leg bolts.

Step 5:  Stand the WaterRower machine up and re-clip the Bungee cord to the Recoil Belt.

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