Series 4 Service Videos

Series 4: Emptying the WaterRower Tank (Video)

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  • Series 4: Monitor Wire Assembly

    Position the handle forward to the front Forward Riser pulley Carefully remove the Top Deck by removing the Top Deck bolts and upper Tie Rods. Gently lift the Top Deck up...

  • Series 4: Monitor Housing Replacement

    Step 1.  Remove the tie rods and JCB bolts connecting the top deck to the tank assembly as shown. Step 2– Remove the top deck assemble as shown, being careful not...

  • Series 4: Heel Rest Replacement (Push-Button)

    Step 1– Press Heel Rest Lock Button and remove Heel Rest/Footpads. You may need to use a card (credit card, etc.) to help remove the heel rests fully. Slide the...

  • Series 4: Short Tank Assembly Replacement

    Replacing your short tank doesn’t have to be a headache – head on over to our instructions page to check out our resources to help you through.