Series 4 Service Videos

Series 4: Replacing the Tank Assembly with a Metal Clutch (Video)

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  • Series 4: Forward Riser Replacement

    For Video Instructions, please see the following link: Replacing the Forward Riser Assembly Step 1- Detach the bungee from the recoil belt. Step 2- Remove handle assembly (see handle removal replacement...

  • Series 4: Footstrap Replacement (push-button)

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  • Series 4: Dolley Wheel Replacement

    Step 1- Assemble the Dolley Wheel to the rail in the sequence shown.

  • Series 4: Monitor Retrofit

    Step 1- Remove the handle from the handle rests and place the handle in the full forward position as shown.  Step 2- Stand the WaterRower upright and disconnect the bungee...