S1 Spare Parts


Stainless Steel Model

Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-B100Spacer Set (4)£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-B203Bits Pack S1 (Stainless Steel)£15.00$10.00€15.00$30.00
WRP-B300Guide Pulley Assy (1)£10.00$5.00€15.00$10.00
WRP-B405Syphon Pump£8.00$5.00€15.00$10.00
WRP-B410Electric Pump Commercial-$150.00--
WRP-B540M1 Top Deck Bolt (2)£5.00$1€1.00$1.00
WRP-B740Allen Key- 5mm£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-B7455mm Ratchet£8.00$5.00€12.20$10.00
WRP-B905Recoil Belt - Clip On£10.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-B960Purification Tablets
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-H00015" Handle Assembly£35.00$35.00€35.00$70.00
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-P100WaterRower Emblem£5.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-P120M1/S1 Push Button Footpad Cover Plate Screw Set£5.00$1.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-P1720-A1S1 Cover Plate Set£5.00$5.00€5.00$20.00
WRP-P1700Dual Pin Adjust Footpad Set$5.00
WRP-P366M1 Foot Strap Assembly$10.00
WRP-P430Handle Rest Set (Current)£10.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-P455Handle Rest Bolt Set (2)- 50mm£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-P725M1 Footboard Spacer (2)£1.00$1.00€1.00$1.00
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-C004S4 Monitor Board Assy (V2)$150.00
WRP-C015S4 Monitor Wiring Assembly£15.00$10.00€12.20$22.00
WRP-C020Monitor Facia Screw Set (4)£4.00$1.00€1$2
WRP-C025S4 Housing Screw Set (6)£4.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-C110S4S4 Monitor Housing£15.00$15.00€15.00$30.00
WRP-C3555mm Ball Head Allen Key
WRP-C465S4 Monitor Compression Spring$1.00
WRP-C470Monitor R-Clip$1.00
WRP-C475Monitor Spigot Grip Ring$1.00
WRP-C510S4 Sensor Assembly£25.00$20.00€25.00$50.00
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-R120 1200M1 Rail Extrusion Set - 1200mm£15.00$10.00€10.00$20.00
WRP-R130Rail Stop Set (2)£8.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-R310Rail Tank Protector Strip (Set of 2)£8.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-S100Seat Cushion$35.00
WRP-S305Seat Axle Assembly£10.00$10.00€10.00$20.00
WRP-S320Load Wheel Guard Set (4)£13.00$10.00€10.00$20.00
WRP-S330Load Wheel (1)£8.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-S350Load Wheel Washer Set (4)£3.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-S375Load Wheel E-Type Circlip Set (4)£3.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-S405Seat Guide Wheel Assy (4)£14.00$10.00€10.00$20.00
WRP-S420S4 Seat Bolt Set (4)£9.00$5.00€5.00$10.00

Tank Assembly

Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-T004Short Tank Assembly (Plastic or Metal Clutch)£175.00$175€250.00$250.00
WRP-T101Tank Filler Grommet£9.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-T102Top & Bottom Oilite Bearing Assembly£9.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-T103Clutch Oilite Bearing Assembly (Plastic Clutch Only)£9.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-T111 Level Gauge Sticker£4.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-T145Plastic Clutch Assembly (Current)£50.00$50.00
WRP-T1504" Velcro Attachment Metal Clutch Assembly$50.00€50.00$100.00
WRP-T1554" Commercial Attachment Metal Clutch and Disk Assembly$50.00€50.00$100.00
WRP-T230Recoil Bush Assembly & Shim£9.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-T250Tank Top Oilite (not available for purchase on shop - please contact us to purchase)$5.00
WRP-T262Drive Strap Webbing H-Support (H-Bracket)£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-T280Roll Pin- 1/4" x 1 1/8"$1.00
WRP-T310Guide Pulley Shaft Set (2)$1.00
WRP-T340Tank Guide Pulley Spacer Set£5.00$1.00€1.22$5.00
WRP-T350Tank Guide Pulley Set£15.00$10.00$30.00
WRP-T510M1Key Bracket Left M1£20.00$15.00
WRP-T520M1Key Bracket Assembly- Right (M1)£20.00$15.00€18.30$30.00
WRP-T545Shoulder Cap Screw (set of 4)$5.00
WRP-T620Rubber Oilite Collar$1.00
WRP-T730S4 Tie Rod Assembly (2)£9.00$5.00
WRP-T760Tank Stopper£5.00$1.00€1.22$7.50

Forward Riser

Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-F100Forward Riser Pulley Assembly£20.00$20.00€20.00$40.00
WRP-F101Forward Riser Screws (4)$1.00
WRP-F110Drive Pulley Dowel$1.00
WRP-F202M1 Guide Pulley Assembly£10.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-F410Forward Riser Bumper Kit (2)£8.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Item NamePrice (GBP)
WRP-D1003" Dolley Wheel Assembly (Current)£10.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-D340Hex Cap Screw- 5/16" ×2" (Not sold in the shop, please contact us directly for more information)$1.00

Rear Spacer

Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Price (EURO)Price (AUD)
WRP-K110Single Bungee Assembly (Current)£10.00$10.00€10.00$20.00
WRP-K140Bungee D-Ring£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00
WRP-K150Single Bungee Pod Assembly (Pod Only)£10.00$5.00€5.00$10.00
WRP-K170Recoil Strap Buckle (Buckle Only)£5.00$1.00€1.00$2.00


Item No.Item NamePrice (GBP)Price (USD)Price (EURO)Price (AUD)
640S1 Stainless Cleaning Kit£25.00$35.00€35.00$40.00
WRP-003Tank Glue Kit£25.00$30.00€24.40$35.00